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我们的课程以讲解payroll有关的法律法规为主,用ADP payroll系统做辅助工具实际练习理论知识 我们的课程都是网上的课程,在家上课就可以了,不过不是录音,是有老师有同学的实时授课,我们用ADP 实际操作,ADP是非常著名的payroll软件,我们会给每个同学申请一个login,提供大量的资料供大家练习,你可以24/7的在系统中练习 一共是五个星期的课程,周二,周四晚上8:30-10:00,周六上午7:00-10:00 我们有大量资料给学生们看,上完课还有我们的payroll online test,这是搜救了很多现在公司payroll的笔试题目做成的,pass test 可以有我们的证书,可以写在简历上。 more





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Payroll Training Courses

We can offer you expert advice and training in the following payroll subjects as well as the latest legislation update.

Payroll Fundamentals

You will understand:

  • The payroll components required for a new starter

  • How to distinguish employment categories

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of the payroll process and payroll components, including allowances, deductions and penalty rates and loadings

  • Calculating hourly rates

  • Accruals and how to pay leave types in all states and territories

  • The most up to date long service leave rules for all states and territories

  • The legal requirements of payslips and payment summary completion

  • Important dates for legal requirements

Lump Sum Payments on Terminations

We cover the following topics:

  • Annual leave & Long service leave

  • Tax free amounts

  • Components of Bona Fide Redundancy

  • Components of ETPs

  • Tax to be withheld from ETP components

The Superannuation Guarantee

By covering this topic, you will understand:

  • Minimum level of superannuation Guarantee contributions

  • TFN & Superannuation funds

  • Exceptions

  • Concessional contributions Cap

  • Ordinary time Earnings at Stated in SGR 2009/2

  • Maximum Quarterly contribution base

  • Choice of funds

  • Superannuation & Salary sacrifice

  • Reportable Employer Superannuation contribution (RESC)

  • Superannuation co-contribution for low income earners

  • Superannuation Clearing House

Payroll Tax

This topic will introduce you to the following topics:

  • Where is payroll tax payable

  • Registration requirements

  • What are ‘wages’?

  • Grouping of employers

  • Thresholds & rates

  • Monthly returns and annual adjustments

  • Exemptions and rebates

  • Assessable for payroll tax Table

The National Industrial Relations System (Fair Work)

This module will introduce you to the following topics:

  • Summary of transitional arrangements

  • Who is covered by the national industrial relations system

  • Award modernisation

  • Transitional and other awards

  • Status of agreements & contracts

  • National Employment Standards (NES)

  • Restaurant Industry Award 2010

2021 Workshop Offerings

Payroll system Workshop (Half day course)

Guided by expert facilitators with payroll system expertise, you will learn step-by-step how to

use the payroll platform. Apply the payroll knowledge you’ve learned through extensive case

studies that will help you become familiar with the key functions of payroll system. We will

also provide you with access to the platform to enable you to reinforce the concepts you

learn in your own time.

This module will introduce you to the following topics:

  • Payroll system introduction

  • Navigate the website and understand functionality

  • Termination case study & apply in payroll system

  • Payroll tax report in payroll system and monthly return

  • Interpret award, coding timesheets and process timesheets in payroll system

  • Interpret the variety of payroll system reports available

Termination Workshop (Half day course)

The Termination Workshop has been designed to give students hands on case studies and

exercises to enhance their knowledge of termination procedures and ensure their

understanding of complex payroll legislation and calculations is up to date. This one day

course demystifies this bewildering area and provides hands on experience of calculations.

At the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Calculating tax liability on annual leave on termination

  • Determine the rate of payment for employees taking long service leave and pro rata long service leave

  • Apply the correct tax treatment for LSL on termination

  • Explain how to work out the long service leave entitlement for casual or part time employees

  • Describe each of the elements which make up a termination pay

  • Explain how to tax redundancies and what to put in payment summary boxes A, B and D

  • Describe an ETP is and how to determine its elements and tax treatment

Payroll Tax Workshop (Half day course)

The administration and payment of payroll tax can be a confusing and complicated process;

each State and Territory imposes its own regulations, thresholds and wages definition for the

payment of payroll tax and cross-border compliance payments makes the issue even more


This course provides participants with the skills to ensure compliance with all State and

Territory regulations. Participants receive instruction and will complete hands on exercises in

how to prepare payroll tax reconciliations, what items to include and the calculation of

thresholds when a company is grouped and or trades across State boundaries.

At the end of this course, learners will:

  • Know how to calculate payroll tax in all states and territories , when it is payable and the definition of wages

  • Be able to calculating thresholds when a company trades across State boundaries.

  • Know each of elements which are payroll tax payable

  • Be able to read ADP payroll tax report

  • Understand how to calculate the payroll tax liability based on ADP payroll tax report

  • Know how to lodge payroll tax online

Award Interpretation Workshop (Half day course)

The Award Interpretation Workshop has been designed to provide an understanding,

of the interpretation of employee entitlements and conditions contained within the

Restaurant Modern Award 2010.

It is very important to be able to confidently interpret the award and be able to

correctly code timesheets. Our experienced instructors apply you the knowledge you

have learned through extensive case studies and practices.

At the end of this course, learners will:

  • Understand the key components of awards

  • Be able to work out how rates are calculated for full time employees and casual employees

  • Understand what employees should be paid for ordinary hours, overtime and weekend work; and

  • Know how to give penalties & allowances

Payroll Masterclass Course

Payroll Masterclass course is an advanced payroll training course aimed specifically at experienced payroll professionals and will prepare you with more advanced and complex payroll case studies, payroll legislation updates and payroll analysis and reconciliations to bring your payroll career to next step.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for experienced payroll professionals who need to apply more rigour in the way they manage payroll process changes and deal with more complicated payroll issues

Course Prerequisites

This course requires prior payroll fundamental knowledge in payroll

Payroll Project Management

You will understand:

  • Project Planning

  • Key criteria & questionnaire for the potential system providers

  • Procurement Management

  • System implementation and controls

  • Post implementation performance assessment and audit

  • Parallel run

  • New system goes live

  • Quality Management

  • Communications Management & documentation

  • Common mistake and risk management

NZ Payroll

We cover the following topics:

  • Industrial Relations/legislation

  • Minimum Entitlements/Minimum Wage

  • Employment Types

  • Employment Agreements

  • Annual Holiday entitlement and Calculations

  • Public Holidays

  • Parental Leave, Sick & Bereavement Leave

  • NZ IRD – Employer Tax Obligations

  • Deductions

  • Allowances & Benefits

  • Lump Sums (extra pays)

  • Terminations

  • Kiwisaver/Superannuation

  • Month End – Employer Reporting obligations

  • Accident Compensation – Employer Obligations

Advanced Payroll Case Study and Analysis

We cover the following topics:

  • How does annual leave, personal leave and long service leave accumulate?

  • Paying annual leave in advance and annual leave cash out

  • Paying maternity leave, PPL and tax impacts

  • What is the Purchase leave and its process?

  • Super Salary sacrifice and maximum super concessional contribution cap

  • Novated Lease and payroll impacts

  • Child Support

  • Leave reconciliation and analysis

  • Annualise salary

  • Overpayment & adjustment calculation

  • Works compensation calculation

  • Marginal tax reconciliation and calculation

  • Case study on the complicated termination

Reporting and Reconciliation

We cover the following topics:

  • Pay preparation reports and reconciliation

  • End of pay reports and reconciliation

  • Leave entitlement shown on payslip

  • Superannuation payment reconciliation

  • Incentives/Bonus payment and payroll impacts

  • Marginal tax calculation on lump sum payment – incentives & bonus

  • Salary increase and backpay calculation & reconciliation

  • Salary journals reconciliation

  • Ad hoc reports – headcount report, DOB report etc

Fringe Benefit & Payroll Impacts

Topics Covered

  • What is fringe benefit tax?

  • How to calculate FBT and how the FBT works

  • Reportable fringe benefit

  • Car fringe benefit

  • Other common fringe benefit items

  • Non-profit originations and FBT

  • Salary packaging

Payroll One on One System Overview Training 

Payroll one on one training is customised course to individual student needs  and aimed specifically at payroll professionals. Enhance the specified  knowledge the student request. Powerful training course to help you with the  actual practise and case study at work. We also provide 3 months support for  all students who take the course. 

Who is this course for? 

The payroll expertise will share their understanding and troubleshooting for the  major Australian payroll systems. The details of user guides and payroll  process checklist and other relevant documents will be provided to help you  review before and after the class. 

Course Prerequisites 

This course requires prior payroll fundamental knowledge in payroll 

Training Contents 

  • Payroll System function navigation

  • New starter setups

  • Termination function

  • Full function payrun process overview

  • Reporting function introduction

  • STP

  • End of Financial Year Process 

  • Costing 

  • Pay Packet

About C+H Global Services

C+H Global Services is a Professional Branding, Educational Services and Accounting & Payroll consultancy that serves individuals and business across the Asia Pacific region. While C+H Global was formed in 2009, our consultants have decades of experience between them, across a range of organisations and sectors.

Our consultants have worked with some of the largest enterprisesincluding the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Swatch, Hewlett-Packard, State Power Corporation of China, Allianz, TAL, Lindt &Sprüngli, Air New Zealand, AMP and the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

While we have added value to some of the world’s biggest firms, we pride ourselves on giving as much attention to our individual clients; we seek to give you access to the same services that have previously only been available to the largest enterprises.

Our organisation is founded on the principles of "local values, global reach" and our multi lingual consultants demonstrate this ability to operate across cultures, countries and industries in every engagement.

C+H Global has also established a number of successful communities of practice, including the Australian Payroll Group, a virtual community of over 400 members who discuss and share payroll knowledge and experience. Combined with our expertise in payroll training, we engage with payroll professionals on a daily basis and are a growing force in Australian payroll education.

Our learning is delivered in web-based, online face to face, self-paced workbook and classroom formats.

我们的课程以讲解payroll有关的法律法规为主,用ADP payroll系统做辅助工具实际练习理论知识 我们的课程都是网上的课程,在家上课就可以了,不过不是录音,是有老师有同学的实时授课,我们用ADP 实际操作,ADP是非常著名的payroll软件,我们会给每个同学申请一个login,提供大量的资料供大家练习,你可以24/7的在系统中练习 一共是五个星期的课程,周二,周四晚上8:30-10:00,周六上午7:00-10:00 我们有大量资料给学生们看,上完课还有我们的payroll online test,这是搜救了很多现在公司payroll的笔试题目做成的,pass test 可以有我们的证书,可以写在简历上。

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